The Best Best Chainsaw Accessories

Explore our guide to the best chainsaw accessories to enhance your chainsaw’s performance, prioritize safety, and safeguard your equipment.

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33 Essential Chainsaw Accessories and Safety Gear You Can’t Do Without

When it comes to wielding a chainsaw, the key to success lies in picking the right gear to boost your performance and ensure your safety. I learned this firsthand when I embarked on the ambitious journey of transforming a 10-acre forested property in the scenic Northeast Kingdom of Vermont into a stunning, park-like haven for recreation. It was a monumental undertaking, but it granted me invaluable insights into the world of accessories and tools that can turn your work into a breeze, save you precious time, and spare your muscles from undue strain.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, these accessories are your trusty companions. They’re the secret sauce to supercharge your cutting game and elevate overall efficiency. From essential safety gear to nifty gadgets, these accessories are about putting your well-being first and safeguarding your equipment. As you explore this list, I hope you stumble upon some new additions that will inject a dose of joy and efficiency into your tree-cutting tasks.

The Ultimate Chainsaw Accessories Guide

I’ve curated a selection of top-notch accessories, tools, essential safety equipment, and more to enhance your chainsaw adventures in the woods. To make your exploration easier, I’ve organized them into categories in the table below. Feel free to skip to the sections that pique your interest or simply keep scrolling to discover the comprehensive collection I’ve assembled.

Safety Gear
ChapsCoverallsFirst Aid Kit / Trauma KitsGlovesHigh Visibility VestsLogger BootsSafety Glasses and GogglesSafety Helmets
AxeHookaroonLifting TongsLog Lifter and Cant HookPulp Hook
Chainsaw Maintenance Tools
Bar GreaseChain and Bar ComboChain Breaker and SpinnerChain Sharpener KitChain Sharper (Electric)Chainsaw ToolsFiles, Guides, Depth Gauge, and Vise
Alaskan Chainsaw MillCarrier Kits (ATV and Tractor)Chain Storage CaseChainsaw Carrying CaseFelling WedgeLog Saw HorseLogging Belt
Oil and Fuel
2-stroke oilBar and Chain OilFuel and Mixing Containers

Log Saw Horse

A log saw horse is an essential tool for chainsaw cutting as it provides a stable and elevated platform to safely hold and secure logs, making the cutting process more efficient, convenient, and safer, earning the Log Saw Horse a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Oregon Log Sawhorse

Oregon Log Saw Horse

The Oregon Steel Log Saw Horse is a lightweight, portable log stand that enhances safety and ease during chainsaw cutting. With its foldable design, serrated teeth, and robust construction, it securely holds logs in place, eliminating the need to cut logs on the ground and preventing saws from getting dirty. This incredible tool saves your back and streamlines the logging process. Its lightweight yet durable build allows for effortless mobility, and it accommodates logs up to 10.6 inches in diameter with a maximum load capacity of 176 lbs.

Price$53.44 (Amazon)

Kapler Log Sawhorse

Kapler Log Sawhorse

The Kapler Foldable Log Sawhorse is a convenient tool for cutting logs with chainsaws, providing a stable and secure platform for your wood. Its notched teeth and wood-fixed spring ensure safe and efficient cutting, while its foldable design allows for easy transportation and outdoor use. Although the assembly instructions may be confusing, the accompanying video guide simplifies the process. This sturdy sawhorse can support up to 150 lbs, making your work more effortless. If you have any questions, our team is always ready to assist you.

Price$95.11 (Amazon)

Chainsaw Safety Helmet

A chainsaw safety helmet is one of the most important items included on our list of 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories, as they offer comprehensive head protection when chainsawing. It combines a hard hat, face shield, and earmuffs to shield against falling debris, branches, chainsaw-related accidents, wood chips, and excessive noise, ensuring safety and comfort.

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet System

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet System - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

The TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet System ensures protection from falling limbs and debris when working with a chainsaw. The helmet securely fits your head and adjusts easily with a dial knob, providing a comfortable circumference of 20 to 24.5 inches (52-62 centimeters). Equipped with interchangeable mesh and plastic visors, it shields you from debris while maintaining visibility. This helmet meets ANSI and CE standards, ensuring high quality and safety. With a Z89.1-2003 ANSI rating, it offers premium head protection.

SizeOne Size, 20 – 24.5 in (52 – 62 cm)
Safety RatingZ89.1-2003 ANSI
ColorHi-Viz Orange, Hi-Viz Yellow
Price (Amazon)

Husqvarna ProForest Chainsaw Helmet System

Husqvarna ProForest Chainsaw Helmet System - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

The Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet System is a complete package for your safety. It includes an orange hard hat that protects against UV rays, an adjustable 6-point suspension for a comfortable fit, hearing protectors with a noise reduction rating of 25 dB (A), a face screen for shielding, and a rain neck protector. This helmet system meets the ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class G-E-C standards, ensuring top-notch quality. Plus, it comes in a new Hi-Viz Orange color, improving visibility and safety while you work.

SizeOne Size Fits Most
Safety RatingANSI Z89.1-2003 Class G-E-C standards
ColorHi-Viz Orange
Price$62.54 (Amazon)

Safety Glasses and Goggles

Wearing safety goggles or glasses when using a chainsaw is crucial to shield your eyes from flying debris and sawdust, preventing potential eye injuries and maintaining clear vision for a safer working environment.

DeWALT Dominator Safety Glasses

DEWALT Dominator SAFETY Glasses - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

Stay protected with the DeWALT DPG94 Dominator Safety Glasses, offering excellent coverage and high-impact protection while using a chainsaw. With various lens colors, these full-frame glasses shield your eyes from dust and debris. The rubber-tipped temples and integrated nosepieces ensure a comfortable and secure fit. These safety glasses meet the Z87.1 standard for impact protection and provide 99% UV protection, making them a reliable choice for keeping your eyes safe during chainsaw work.

Safety RatingZ87.1 Impact Protection Standard
Lens ColorClear, Yellow Mirror, Silver Mirror, Indoor/Outdoors, Gradient, Smoke
Price (Amazon)

DeWALT Concealer Safety Goggles

DEWALT Concealer Safety Goggles - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

The DeWALT DPG82 Concealer Safety Goggles are designed to keep you safe and comfortable while using a chainsaw. With a soft rubber seal that fits snugly on your face, it shields you from dust and debris. The anti-fog lens keeps your vision clear and protected from scratches. It also has an adjustable head strap and ventilation channels for added comfort. Meeting the Z87.1 impact protection standard and offering 99% UV protection, these goggles are a reliable choice for keeping your eyes safe.

Safety RatingZ87.1 Impact Protection Standard
ColorClear Lens, Smoke Lens
Price (Amazon)

Chainsaw Chaps

It’s crucial to wear chainsaw chaps as they have cut-resistant layers that swiftly stop the chainsaw chain in case of accidental contact, preventing serious injuries—I can attest to this, as they have saved my leg multiple times; however, it’s important to note that safety chaps alone don’t guarantee absolute safety, so they should always be used alongside responsible chainsaw operating practices. Next to helmets and gloves, chainsaw chaps are one of the most important additions to our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps  - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

The Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps are specifically designed to meet OSHA requirements and provide the highest level of protection. With a durable outer shell and 12-layer chainsaw protection, these chaps reduce the risk of injury in the event of contact with the chainsaw chain. Please note that these chaps are not suitable for use with electric chainsaws due to the unique characteristics of electric motors.

Size35 in, 37 in, 40 in
Safety RatingOSHA Regulation 1910-266, ASTM F1897, ASTM F1897-2008 39JY
ColorAvailable in 19 color variations
Price (Amazon)

Husqvarna Functional Apron Chainsaw Chaps

Husqvarna Functional Apron Chainsaw Chaps - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

Ensure your safety while operating a chainsaw with Husqvarna Functional Apron Chainsaw Chaps. These chaps use PVC-coated 600 Denier polyester with Tek Warp protective layers to reduce the risk and severity of injuries by providing extra reaction time when the chainsaw chain makes contact. The heavy-duty, cut-retardant material clogs up the chainsaw’s sprocket system, slowing down or stopping the chain’s rotation. With adjustable waist sizes, Acetyl Delran buckles, and a felling wedge pocket, these chaps offer comfort and functionality. These Husqvarna chainsaw chaps are UL certified and comply with ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1, and OSHA regulation 1910-266 for your peace of mind.

Size36 – 38, 40 – 42
Safety RatingOSHA regulation 1910-266, ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1
ColorHi-Viz Orange/Gray, Black/Gray
Price (Amazon)

Chainsaw Gloves

Wearing chainsaw-specific cut-resistant gloves is crucial when operating a chainsaw as they provide essential protection against potential hand injuries from sharp chains and flying debris, earning Chainsaw Gloves a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Oregon Chainsaw Gloves

Oregon Chainsaw Gloves - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

Oregon’s Leather Chainsaw Gloves provide optimal protection, comfort, and control. With reinforced materials and enhanced cut resistance, these gloves ensure safety for your left hand, while the waterproof palms offer improved grip. Constructed to the highest standards, they feature smooth leather and high-visibility material for maximum comfort and visibility. The left-hand glove is certified to EN381-7, class 0, protecting against chainsaw speeds of up to 16m/s. Despite their strong protective features, these gloves maintain excellent sensitivity, allowing you to maintain precise control. Available in sizes S-XL (8-11), you can find the perfect fit for ultimate safety and comfort.

Size9, 10, 11
Safety RatingEN381-7
Price (Amazon)

Husqvarna Functional Chainsaw Gloves

Husqvarna Functional Chainsaw Gloves - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

Husqvarna Chainsaw Protective Gloves are a fantastic addition to the safety gear for anyone using a chainsaw. These gloves have special features to ensure maximum protection. The left-hand glove is designed with cut-resistant material to shield against sharp chains and potential injuries. Both gloves are made with a combination of spandex fabric and goatskin, providing a comfortable fit and durability. The gloves also come in high visibility colors with a reflective Crown H logo, increasing visibility and safety. They are not only great for chainsaw use, but they truly shine when it comes to handling tree branches with thorns or sharp points. These gloves are the only ones I’ve found that allow me to tackle tasks like clearing blackberry bushes without getting my wrists cut up or having thorns penetrate through the leather. They offer excellent protection and comfort for demanding jobs.

SizeM, L, XL
Safety RatingEN 388 CAT II
ColorGray/Orange/Black, White
Price (Amazon)


Youngstown Kevlar lined Cut Resistant General Utility Glove is not to be used for chainsawing

Be cautious of affiliate websites that promote the Youngstown Kevlar lined Cut Resistant General Utility Glove as one of the “best” chainsaw gloves because this is inaccurate and potentially risky. The manufacturer has clearly stated that this glove has not been tested or rated for chainsaw use, so it’s crucial to rely on accurate information to ensure your safety when working with a chainsaw.

Logger Boots

Logger boots are specialized work boots designed for loggers and forestry workers. They stand out from other work boots due to their high ankle support, sturdy construction, enhanced traction, and additional safety features like steel toe caps. They are built to withstand the rugged conditions of logging work and often incorporate waterproofing features. Logger boots prioritize protection, durability, and traction to ensure the safety and comfort of workers in the logging industry.

Carolina 8” Steel Toe Logger Boots

Carolina 8'' Steel Toe Logger Boots - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

The Carolina 8″ Logger Boots are a reliable choice for chainsaw work. They provide superior steel toe and waterproof protection, meeting industry standards for safety. The boot offers a secure fit with its lace-up design and durable construction. Features like a triple-rib steel shank for stability and a slip-resistant outsole for traction ensure safety and control while operating a chainsaw. Additionally, it has electrical hazard resistance, making it suitable for working near electrical equipment. The Carolina Elm boot combines essential features for chainsaw work, including protection, durability, and stability.

Size8 – 15
Safety RatingASTM F2892 electrical hazard standar
Price (Amazon)

Thorogood 9″ Steel Toe Logger Boots

Thorogood 9" Steel Toe Logger Boots - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

The Thorogood Logger Series 9″ Work Boots are a must-have for chainsaw work due to their exceptional grip, durability, and protection. These boots feature a single-density wedge outsole that provides a firm footing even in wet and muddy conditions. Crafted from premium full-grain leather, they offer both durability and a stylish vintage look. The Vibram® heel outsole with deep lugs and reinforced tip stitch absorbs impacts and ensures stability on challenging terrains. With steel toe protection, waterproof construction, and 400G 3M Thinsulate insulation, these boots provide essential safety, comfort, and warmth. The Vibram midsole adds durability, shock absorption, and stability. Overall, the Thorogood Logger Boots are a must-have for chainsaw work, offering superior performance and peace of mind.

Size8 – 15
Safety RatingSTM F3445-21 Slip Test Standards and ASTM F2413-18 Electrical Hazard Resistance Standards sole
Price$384.95 (Amazon)

Chainsaw First Aid Kit

Always carrying a well-stocked first aid kit, including a specialized blood-clotting bandage when venturing into the woods with a chainsaw, is essential. The potential for accidents and injuries is significant, making a first aid kit essential. It enables immediate response to cuts, burns, eye injuries, sprains, strains, and allergic reactions, ensuring prompt medical assistance and reducing the risk of infection. Being prepared with a comprehensive first aid kit prioritizes safety and provides relief until professional help is available, earning Chainsaw First Aid Kits a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

BleedStop First Aid Powder

BleedStop First Aid Powder - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

BleedStop is a must-have first aid powder for clotting blood on contact, particularly in emergencies involving bleeding accidents. When working with a chainsaw in the woods, it is essential to include BleedStop in your first aid kit. This plant-based powder quickly concentrates platelets and clotting factors, promoting the formation of a natural clot within seconds. It is effective for various bleeding wounds, including minor to severe cuts, scrapes, and nosebleeds. BleedStop is widely used by medical professionals, including in emergency rooms, and is safe for individuals on blood thinners. Its non-stinging formula allows for applying it to wounds before bandaging. Ensure you have BleedStop on hand to be prepared for any unexpected bleeding situations while working with a chainsaw.

Price$14.99 (Amazon)

Blood Clotting Gauze

Blood Clotting Gauze - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

When working with a chainsaw, having Blood Clotting Gauze in your first aid kit is crucial. QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze, trusted by the U.S. Military, can save lives in emergencies. It accelerates the body’s natural clotting process, stopping bleeding quickly. The kaolin-impregnated gauze activates blood plasma fibers, effectively halting bleeding faster. With its absorbency and flexibility, QuikClot gauze conforms to wounds, enabling swift treatment and transportation to a medical facility. Including QuikClot in your chainsaw first aid kit ensures preparedness for potential accidents or injuries.

Price$29.99 (Amazon)

Emergency Trauma Kit

Emergency Trauma Kit - An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Safety

The Emergency Trauma Kit, uniquely customized by U.S. military veterans, is an excellent kit to bring with you into the woods when working with a chainsaw. With ample supplies for controlling massive bleeding, including military combat dressings, tactical Israeli pressure dressings, and compressed gauze, this kit is an excellent companion for those working with chainsaws in the woods. Additionally, the kit features an emergency thermal blanket to address hypothermia and maintain body temperature. Compact, lightweight, and equipped with MOLLE-compatible straps and snaps, it can be easily carried on backpacks or belts. The quick-pull tab on the front pouch ensures one-handed access to the kit’s contents. With our commitment to quality and top-notch customer service, we aim to provide you with the best user experience possible.

Price$36.98 (Amazon)

Chainsaw Tools

Either a chainsaw scrench or a multi-tool is a must-have tool for every chainsaw owner, providing the versatility and convenience necessary for efficient maintenance, adjustments, and repairs while working with a chainsaw.

Oregon Chainsaw Scrench

Oregon Chainsaw Scrench- An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Maintenance

A scrench is an essential tool for anyone, whether you’re a professional or a homeowner, who uses a chainsaw to cut trees. Typically, your chainsaw should come with a scrench for basic maintenance purposes. However, if you happen to misplace it, it’s recommended to get a replacement. This versatile Oregon Chainsaw Scrench combines the functionality of a flathead screwdriver and a wrench, making it a convenient all-in-one solution for maintaining your chainsaw. It’s advisable to have multiple screnches on hand. Personally, I find it useful to have one stored on my workbench, another readily available when I’m out in the woods, and an extra as a backup in case I happen to misplace one while engaged in tree cutting. Owning several screnches ensures that you’re always equipped with the right tool for the job, no matter where you find yourself.

Price$9.89 (Amazon)

TopSaw Multitool for Chainsaws

TopSaw Multitool for Chainsaws- An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Maintenance

The TopSaw Pocket Wrench is a versatile, sturdy multi-tool for chainsaw maintenance. It combines essential tools like spark plug wrenches, torqs, flat-head screwdrivers, and a bar nut wrench, all in a compact design. It even includes a blade pick for cleaning. This tool is convenient for professionals and homeowners alike, whether on the job site or clearing trees on your property. It helps streamline maintenance tasks, eliminating the need for multiple loose tools. With its included pouch, it offers portability and easy access. The TopSaw Pocket Wrench is durable, reliable, and essential to any chainsaw user’s toolkit.

Price (Amazon)

Chainsaw File, File Guide, Depth Gauge, And Vise

Chainsaw files are essential for keeping your chainsaw chain sharp, while a depth gauge helps maintain proper chain depth for safe and efficient cutting. Together, they ensure consistent sharpening and optimal cutting performance, earning them a spot on our list of 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories.

Oregon Depth Gauge and Flat File

Oregon Depth Gauge and Flat File- An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Maintenance

The Oregon .025″ Drop-Center Depth Gauge Tool and Flat File are essential for maintaining the proper depth gauge setting on your saw chain, which is crucial for safety and optimal performance. This kit provides an easy and effective way to adjust the depth gauge setting, ensuring your chainsaw operates at its best.

Price$5.58 (Amazon)

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Felled Chainsaw Sharpening Vise

The Felled Chainsaw Vice offers adjustable features to accommodate various chain sizes, ensuring a secure hold on the bar with its heavy-duty thumb screw. Your file can make precise cuts with a stable and consistent angle while the vice securely holds the saw bar in place. Insert the vice into a stump, position the saw bar, and tighten the thumb screw for a secure grip. With the chain brake engaged, you can effortlessly advance the chain to the next set of teeth, allowing you to work without bending over.

Price$13.99 (Amazon)

Oregon Universal Chainsaw Field Sharpening Kit

Oregon Universal Chainsaw Field Sharpening Kit- An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Maintenance

The Oregon Universal Chainsaw Field Sharpening Kit is a convenient and portable solution for keeping your tools sharp. It includes round saw chain files, a flat file, a file guide, and a universal handle. The file guide helps maintain the correct filing angle, resulting in accurate sharpening. By using this kit, you can save money by sharpening your chainsaw chains instead of buying new ones. The kit comes with detailed instructions and a carrying pouch for easy storage and accessibility. It’s a practical and essential tool for any job that requires sharp and efficient cutting,

Price (Amazon)

Stihl 2-in-1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

Stihl 2-in-1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener- An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Maintenance

The STIHL 2 in 1 Filing Guide is a handy tool that simplifies the process of sharpening your saw chain. It can sharpen your saw chain cutters and lower your depth gauges at the same time, making it an efficient system for maintaining your STIHL chainsaw. The kit includes round and flat files, a file holder, and a filing guide. With each stroke, the filing guide and depth gauge gets more done, saving you time and allowing you to focus on using your chainsaw. Once you get the hang of using it, the results are fast and excellent, as the guides are perfectly cut to match the amount of sharpening needed on the teeth, making your sharpened chain cut like new.

Price$39.98 – $44.47 (Amazon)

Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Kit

A chainsaw chain sharpener kit is a set of tools and equipment used to maintain the sharpness and cutting performance of a chainsaw’s chain. It typically includes files, a file guide, a depth gauge, and other accessories.

Cataumet Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Kit

Cataumet Chainsaw Chan Sharpener Kit

The Cataumet Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Kit offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining chainsaw chains in the field. With a range of file sizes, integrated double-handle file frame guides, and a depth gauge, it ensures accurate and consistent sharpening. The kit includes a screwdriver wrench, felling wedge, and heavy-duty stump vice for added convenience and stability during sharpening tasks. While the Cataumet Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Kit may not be the highest quality, it is cost-effective.

Price (Amazon)

Oregon Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Kit

Oregon Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Kit

The Oregon Chainsaw Chain Sharpening Kit is a comprehensive solution for maintaining your chainsaw’s cutting performance and efficiency. Its heavy-duty plastic case, with easy sliding locks and individual compartments, provides convenient storage and protection for all the tools you need in the field. With round files, flat file, file guide, depth gauge tool, file handles, stump vise, chainsaw wrench, mini screwdriver, felling wedge, and bar and chain measuring tool, this kit equips you with everything necessary for sharpening your saw chain, maintaining your guide bar, and conducting other essential maintenance tasks.

Price$49.89 (Amazon)

Katzco Deluxe Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Kit

Katzco Deluxe Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Kit

The Katzco Deluxe Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Kit is a comprehensive bundle that includes a file set, teeth sharpener with three whetstones, fabric storage bag, logger’s vise, T-wrench, durable ABS plastic wedges (5″, 8″, 10″), bar rail dresser, quick check gauge, and bar groove cleaner. This kit is compatible with chainsaws of all sizes and brands, offering versatility and convenience for sharpening and maintaining your tools. With its safety orange color, the kit is easy to spot among your other tools, ensuring visibility even when dirty or greasy.

Price$69.99 (Amazon)

Electric Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

An electric chain sharpener for chainsaws offers convenient and efficient sharpening, making it a valuable tool to have, earning Electric Chainsaw Chain Sharpeners a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

EzzDoo Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Kit

EzzDoo Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Kit- An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Maintenance

The EzzDoo Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Kit has four sizes of titanium-tipped grinding wheels, making it compatible with most chainsaw chains. This powerful tool simplifies the sharpening process and can revive even the dullest chains, making it a reliable alternative to manual sharpening. With the Angle Attachment, you can quickly achieve professional-level sharpening, ensuring a razor-sharp chain while protecting it from incorrect angles. I love this tool because it efficiently sharpens the chain quickly, reducing downtime and leaving the chain in excellent condition. However, it would be even better if the tool had a battery option, allowing for portability in the woods during cutting tasks.

Price$39.99 (Amazon)

Oregon Bench Grinder Chain Sharpener

Oregon Bench Grinder Chain Sharpener- An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Maintenance

The Oregon Bench Chain Grinder is designed for professionals who need frequent and high-volume chain sharpening. It features a sturdy build, a manual chain clamping vice, and one-way motor rotation for safety. Suitable for all chain types, it includes three grinding wheels for different chain sizes. With high-quality grinding wheels, it delivers precise results and prevents cutter burning. The package includes the Oregon Professional Saw Chain Grinder (120V), a dressing brick, a profile guide, two sharpening wheels, and one wheel for depth gauge maintenance. The Oregon 520-120 Bench Grinder is durable, user-friendly, and suitable for high-volume sharpening. It accommodates chains up to .404″ pitch and operates with a single-phase, direct-drive 120V motor.

Price (Amazon)

Chainsaw Carrier Kits

A Chainsaw Carrier Kit is a specially designed attachment for ATVs, UTVs, and tractors that allows secure transportation of a chainsaw. It features a mounting bracket that ensures the chainsaw is in place during travel, providing convenience and safety for users working in outdoor environments, earning Chainsaw Carrier Kits a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Voile Straps

Voile Straps

Voile Straps are affordable, versatile, and durable tools for attaching chainsaws to ATV racks. They provide secure attachment, ensuring the chainsaw remains stable during off-road rides. In addition to this primary function, Voile Straps can be used for bundling and organizing equipment, securing branches or logs, and as emergency repair tools, making them a valuable accessory for chainsaw work in the woods. Having a wide assortment of Voile Straps in various colors, sizes, and widths is highly recommended, as you will need at least two of them to securely fasten your chainsaw. Their availability in different options allows for better customization and ensures you have the right strap for your specific needs.

Price$7.00 (Amazon)

Kolpin Universal Saw Press

The Kolpin Universal Saw Press is a versatile and secure solution for transporting your chainsaw on ATVs, UTVs, and trailers. Its durable metal bracket, with a black powder-coated finish, ensures the chainsaw is held safely and can accommodate up to a 20″ bar. The hinged design allows for quick removal, while rubber pads provide cushioning and a tight fit, and the adjustable mounting options offer flexibility for easy access and compatibility with various vehicles. Included mounting hardware makes installation straightforward and hassle-free.

Price (Amazon)

SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Kit for Tractors

SawHaul Universal Chainsaw Carrier Kit for Tractors

The SawHaul Universal Chainsaw Carrier Kit for Tractors is a convenient and secure solution for transporting your chainsaw while operating your tractor. Accommodates all chainsaw brands and bars up to 20″ long (with the option for longer bars), this kit includes the SawHaul Mount, No-Drill Tractor Kit, Heavy Duty Scabbard Cover, and Installation Hardware for easy installation in minutes. The durable sheath is made of heavy-duty material with UV-protected 1/8″ plastic, featuring a weep hole for drainage, and the portable case fits most compact and sub-compact tractors. With its American-made steel and UV-resistant plastics, the SawHaul is a reliable accessory proudly manufactured in the USA.

Price$174.99 (Amazon)

Chainsaw Bar Grease

Greasing the chainsaw bar is vital to reduce friction, prevent premature wear, and ensure the smooth operation of the chainsaw, earning Chainsaw Bar Grease a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Oregon Grease Gun

Oregon Grease Gun - Essential Chainsaw Accessories

Oregon’s pre-loaded Grease Gun is a convenient and effective tool for lubricating chainsaw guide bars. With its spring-loaded pump action and pointed nozzle, it allows for easy application and prevents premature wear. The high-quality plastic construction ensures durability and withstands temperature changes. It’s one-handed operation and transparent design for monitoring the fill level make it user-friendly. The Oregon Grease Gun is a reliable choice for year-round use and is suitable for various chainsaw makes and models.

Price$8.59 (Amazon)

Oregon Premium Grease Gun

Oregon Premium Grease Gun - Essential Chainsaw Accessories

Designed for professionals and frequent chainsaw users, this high-quality steel Oregon Premium Grease Gun, equipped with a zerk adaptor and refill cartridge, effectively reduces friction, enhances performance, and prevents premature wear, particularly on guide bar noses. The user-friendly design allows for easy one-handed operation, and additional refill cartridges can be purchased separately for convenience. Made in Germany.

Price$33.46 (Amazon)

Chainsaw Chain and Bar Combo

A Chain and Bar Combo is a reliable and durable set consisting of a chainsaw bar and matching chain. Having a spare chainsaw bar and chain when working in the woods is essential for uninterrupted work, quick replacements, and increased productivity in case of dullness or damage. It provides peace of mind and ensures efficient cutting tasks in various woodcutting applications, earning the chainsaw Chain and Bar Combo a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Oregon Chain and Bar Combo

Oregon Chain and Bar Combo - 22 Essential Chainsaw Accessories

The Oregon Chain and Bar Combo is a versatile, durable set with a chainsaw bar and chain. It is highly regarded for its excellent cutting performance and compatibility with most chainsaw makes and models. These combos are cost-effective, offering long-lasting durability and saving money compared to purchasing the bar and chain separately. Overall, the Oregon Chain and Bar Combo is reliable and convenient for users seeking high-quality cutting equipment for their chainsaws.

Price$28.99 – $60.95 (Amazon)

Chainsaw Chain Storage Case

A Chainsaw Chain Storage Case is a durable container designed to securely store and protect chainsaw chains, offering convenience and organization while preventing damage or entanglement A logging belt is a specialized tool belt designed for forestry work with a chainsaw, providing convenient storage and easy access to essential tools. It distributes weight across the shoulders, promotes organization, and enhances safety and efficiency in the woods, earning the Chainsaw Chain Storage Case a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Chain Locker Storage Case

Simplify transporting and storing chainsaw chains with the Chainsaw Chain Locker. Designed with notches to accommodate various chain lengths and bar sizes ranging from 6″ to 20″, this locker securely holds chains in place to prevent tangling and slipping. It protects chains during transportation and enhances worker safety by shielding fingers from accidental contact with sharp cutting edges. The durable polypropylene chain locker withstands outdoor elements without corroding, and its reinforced hinges ensure longevity. With its high visibility blaze orange color, the locker is easy to locate and proudly bears the label of being manufactured in the USA.

Price$42.00 (Amazon)

Felling Wedge

A felling wedge is a specialized tool used during tree felling operations. It is inserted into the cutting line to prevent the tree from pinching the chainsaw bar. Felling wedges help guide the direction of the tree’s fall and reduce the risk of accidents, earning the Chainsaw Felling Wedge a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Oregon Felling Wedge

Oregon Felling Wedge - 22 Essential Chainsaw Accessories

Ensure a safer and more efficient tree-cutting experience with the Oregon 8-Inch Felling Wedge, specially designed for professional loggers. Made from durable yet lightweight plastic, this wedge prevents trees from pinching your chainsaw bar during felling or bucking. The serrations on the largest side securely hold the wedge in place, eliminating the need for constant readjustment. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in your pockets or belt. Available in various sizes for your specific needs.

Price$5.92 – $23.94 (Amazon)

AR-PRO 6 Pack Tree Felling Wedges

AR-PRO 6 Pack Tree Felling Wedges - 22 Essential Chainsaw Accessories

Stay safe during tree-cutting operations with the AR-PRO 6 Pack Tree Felling Wedges with Spikes, featuring durable ABS plastic construction and raised spikes to securely guide trees in the desired direction, preventing backing out and ensuring a safer work environment. This set includes six 5.5″ wedges and a convenient storage bag, providing the right tools for various tree types and cutting requirements.

Price$14.79 (Amazon)

Logging Belt

A logging belt is a specialized tool belt designed for forestry work with a chainsaw, providing convenient storage and easy access to essential tools. It distributes weight across the shoulders, promotes organization, and enhances safety and efficiency in the woods, earning the Logging Belt a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Weaver Logging Belt

Weaver Logging Belt

The Weaver Logging Belt Kit is meticulously handcrafted in Mt. Hope, Ohio, using highly durable latigo leather that has been specially tanned to withstand challenging outdoor environments. This kit includes a logging belt, suspenders, axe pouch, wedge pouch, and first aid pouch. The adjustable sternum strap ensures the suspenders stay securely in place and even incorporates a built-in emergency whistle for quick accessibility. With the weight distributed on the shoulders rather than the waist, thanks to the suspenders, and an adjustable waist that fits sizes 30″-52″, this kit offers a comfortable and personalized fit. The accessory loops on the belt provide convenient storage options for items like flagging tape and carabiners, while the small loop on the suspenders allows for easy storage. This versatile and well-designed kit is reliable for logging and forestry work.

Price$229.22 (Amazon)

Chainsaw Protective Carry Case

A chainsaw protective carry case is essential for keeping your chainsaw safe and secure during storage and transportation, preventing accidental damage, protecting against dust and moisture, and ensuring that your chainsaw is always ready for use when you need it, earning the Chainsaw Protective Carry Case a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories List.

Chainsaw Soft Case

Chainsaw Soft Case - 22 Essential Chainsaw Accessories

A soft chainsaw carrying case provides lightweight and convenient transportation for your chainsaw while offering protection against dust, impacts, and scratches. It also includes storage compartments for accessories, keeping everything organized in one place.

Price$16.99 – $70.95 (Amazon)

Chainsaw Hard Case

Chainsaw Hard Case - 22 Essential Chainsaw Accessories

A hard chainsaw carry case offers superior protection for your chainsaw compared to a soft carry case. Its durable and sturdy construction shields your chainsaw from impacts, drops, and other physical damage during transportation. The hard case provides a rigid and secure enclosure, preventing any potential bending or warping of the chainsaw bar or chain. It also protects the chainsaw from dust, moisture, and other environmental elements that could affect its performance and longevity. Additionally, hard carry cases often have custom foam inserts or compartments designed to fit your chainsaw and its accessories snugly, ensuring everything stays organized and in place. With its robust design and enhanced protection, a hard chainsaw carry case is ideal for safely transporting your valuable chainsaw to different locations, especially in more rugged or demanding environments.

Price$50.48 – $138.99 (Amazon)


Bringing an axe when chainsawing is essential for removing bark, soil, and sand from the log before cutting to reduce wear on the chainsaw’s guide bar and chain, as well as for knocking in felling wedges to safely control the direction of the tree’s fall and prevent binding. An axe is a versatile tool that enhances the chainsaw’s efficiency, protects its components, and ensures safer and more controlled cutting operations, earning the axe a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Fiskars X7 Hatchet

Fiskars X7 Hatchet

The Fiskars X7 Hatchet is a handy tool perfect for chopping small pieces of wood and removing bark from trees before sawing them. It’s designed to be easy to use and delivers excellent performance. The hatchet’s well-balanced weight, sharp blade, and robust construction make it efficient and effective. With the X7 Hatchet, you can chop wood faster and with less effort while also being able to remove bark quickly and precisely. It’s a durable and versatile tool that’s great for various tasks involving wood.

Price$32.00 (Amazon)

Helko Werk Hessen Woodworker Cutting Axe

Helko Werk Hessen Woodworker Cutting Axe

The Helko Werk Hessen Woodworker is a traditional German cutting axe, meticulously handmade in Germany. It features a 2 ¾ lb Rheinland pattern axe head made from C50 high carbon steel, known for its durability. The axe comes with a Grade A American hickory handle that is carefully selected for quality and finished with linseed oil. It includes a full-grain leather sheath for protection and a bottle of Axe Guard Protective Oil to prevent rust. The Hessen Woodworker is a reliable and high-performing axe with superior craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

Price$185.00 (Amazon)


A Hookaroon is an invaluable tool when working with a chainsaw in the woods. It helps you easily move and handle logs, reducing strain and enhancing safety during cutting tasks, earning the Hookaroon a spot on our 33 Essential Chainsaw Accessories list.

Fiskars 28″ Hookaroon

Fiskars 28" Hookaroon - 22 Essential Chainsaw Accessories

The Fiskars Hookaroon is an essential companion to your chainsaw, as its pointed and angled blade quickly and securely bites into the wood, making it easier to grab and move logs. Its hardened boron steel head and ideal profile provide a strong grip for heavy use. The sturdy yet lightweight handle offers a non-slip grip and superior control, while the included sheath protects the blade during transportation. This game-changing tool makes log carrying a breeze, with a reliable grip that never slips, and you might want to consider getting two for even more convenience and stability when handling larger logs or when working with a partner. It’s an amazing tool that will make your woodwork tasks much more manageable.

Price$45.75 (Amazon)

GEDORE 31″ Hookaroon

GEDORE 31" Hookaroon - 22 Essential Chainsaw Accessories

The Gedore Hookaroon by Ochsenkopf is a fantastic tool to accompany your chainsaw in the woods, making it effortless to move and pick up small tree trunks and lumber. With its high-quality ash handle with a comfortable grip and lightweight design, this tool offers excellent leverage and physics at work, making it the best hand tool you’ll ever use. Whether you’re splitting firewood or needing extra reach to avoid pit vipers, the Gedore Hookaroon delivers, allowing you to move wood with ease, save your back, and enjoy the durability of a German-made product.

Price$53.02 (Amazon)

Pulp Hook

A pulp or log hook is a must-have accessory when working with a chainsaw as it provides a secure grip and effective tool for moving and lifting logs, making your woodcutting tasks safer and more efficient, earning Pulp Hooks a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Timber Tuff Pulp Hook

Timber Tuff Pulp Hook - 22 Essential Chainsaw Accessories

The Timber Tuff Pulp Hook is an essential tool to accompany you when in the woods chainsawing trees. It allows you to easily grab, transport, stack, and move logs with its comfortable wood handle and sharpened steel point, making your work more efficient and manageable. Having two of these hooks is highly recommended for heavy log carrying or loading to enhance your productivity further. Remember to sharpen the hook when it gets dull to maintain its effectiveness over time.

Price$25.47 (Amazon)

Fiskars Log Hook

Fiskars Log Hook - 22 Essential Chainsaw Accessories

The Fiskars Log Hook is a versatile and reliable tool designed for turning, moving, and carrying logs, with its hardened boron steel hook featuring a toothed head and sharpened tip for a secure grip and a compact profile for easy access to a log’s base. The sculpted handle with a non-slip grip and flared end provides comfort, control, and insulation against the cold, while the durable holster simplifies storage and transportation. It’s a great tool to save your back and ensure safety when dragging logs.

Price$32.98 (Amazon)

Log Lifter and Cant Hook

A cant hook is an essential tool for logging, as its large hook allows for easy turning and positioning of logs, saving time and effort, and once you use it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner, earning them a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories

Right Hand Log Lifter

Right Hand Log Lifter - 22 Essential Chainsaw Accessories

The Righthand Jack log lift is a durable and versatile steel tool that elevates, rolls, and repositions logs. It protects chainsaws from getting stuck and prevents kickback, ensuring a safe working environment. Additionally, it saves your back from strain by elevating logs to a comfortable height, reducing bending and lifting. Users regret not getting it earlier due to its significant improvement in work efficiency and reduction of physical strain. With an ergonomic handle and sturdy construction, it provides comfort and reliability during extended use. Its rustproof design ensures durability in harsh conditions. From clearing fallen trees to organizing timber supplies, this tool is an invaluable asset for outdoor work with chainsaws or timber.

Price$63.69 (Amazon)

Wood-Mizer Cant Hook

Wood-Mizer Cant Hook - 22 Essential Chainsaw Accessories

Wood-Mizer Cant Hooks are durable and versatile tools designed for effortless log handling. With hardened steel handles and hooks, they are built to last. The sharp hook point ensures a secure log connection, allowing easy rolling and movement. The long handle provides rotational force, making it possible to handle large and heavy logs with ease. These cant hooks are praised for their exceptional design, eliminating wasted time turning logs. They feature an ergonomic handle and a comfortable rubber grip for improved control and safety. The additional teeth on the handle provide better biting and control. The Wood-Mizer Cant Hook is a valuable investment that simplifies log handling and makes the task more efficient.

Price$129.00 (Amazon)

Lifting Tongs

Lifting tongs are used to lift and move the smaller logs and pieces of firewood and pulpwood. It is very important that your tongs are pointed and sharp to ensure a good grip on the logs, earning Lifting tongs a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Felled Log Tongs

Felled Log Tongs

The Felled Log Tongs are a practical solution for easily lifting logs and reducing strain on your back. With a 10.5-inch mouth opening and scissor-action design, these tongs provide a strong and secure grip on logs up to 8 inches in diameter. Made of durable steel with a black powder-coated finish, they are versatile for various outdoor and indoor fire-related tasks.

Price$21.99 (Amazon)



The OAOLOWF Log Tongs are a versatile tool for logging, skidding, and handling tasks. With a length of 20 inches, these tongs offer a non-slip grip and are ideal for lifting, dragging, and carrying logs. Their unique jaw design allows for easy gripping and quick release of firewood, while the sharp tong ends provide a high-strength grip to securely hold logs in place, making them suitable for larger trees and stumps.

Price$34.99 (Amazon)

High Visibility Vests

High visibility vests ensure you are visible from a considerable distance, which is crucial for safety and in an accident when you need assistance. By wearing a high visibility vest, you significantly enhance your visibility, especially in an urban environment making it easier for others to spot you and provide aid when required, earning High Visibility Vests a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

JKSafety High Visibility Vest

The JKSafety High Visibility Vest is a durable, lightweight, breathable safety vest with 100% polyester hi-vis reflective material. It features a hi-vis neon orange body with four wide reflective strips, providing 360° visibility. The vest includes nine functional pockets for convenient storage and is suitable for various professions and activities. It meets ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 2 Type R standards.

Price$19.99 (Amazon)


When working in the woods with a chainsaw, wearing coveralls is a practical choice and a great way to keep yourself cleaner and prevent the accumulation of wood chips on your clothes. Coveralls provide additional protection, shielding your clothes from dirt, debris, and sawdust. Wearing coveralls can effectively contain the mess and minimize the number of wood chips that follow you back to the house, earning Coveralls a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Red Kap Cotton Coveralls

Red Kap Cotton Coveralls

Stay clean and comfortable on the job with these functional and durable Red Kap Coveralls. Made with 100% preshrunk cotton, they offer an oversized fit that can be worn over your clothes while working in the woods with your chainsaw. These breathable coveralls feature convenient snap closures and ample storage pockets.

Price$46.99 (Amazon)

Dickies Cotton Coveralls

Dickies Cotton Coveralls

These Dickies Overalls are made from durable 10-ounce cotton, designed to withstand heavy-duty use. They feature a bi-swing back that allows easy movement, ensuring comfort while using a chainsaw. With dual tool pockets and a hammer loop, these overalls provide convenient storage for your essential tools, keeping them within reach at all times.

Price (Amazon)

Chainsaw Chain Breaker and Spinner

A chainsaw chain breaker and spinner tool are a must-have for repairing or replacing chainsaw chains, as it helps remove damaged links with the chain breaker and reconnect and joins the chain with the spinner, making it essential for chain maintenance and repair.

Oregon 24548B Manual Bench Chain Breaker.

Oregon 24548B Manual Bench Chain Breaker.

The Oregon 24548B Bench Chain Breaker is a sturdy and ergonomic tool that easily removes rivets from various saw chains. It comes with two punches and a Side Slide Breaker Anvil for secure chain holding. The hardened steel punches ensure durability. Say goodbye to manual rivet pounding or using a grinder with this time-saving tool. Suitable for 1/4″, 3/8″ Low Profile, .325″, 3/8″, and .404″ pitch saw chains.

Price$90.74 (Amazon)

Oregon Bench Rivet Spinner

Oregon Bench Rivet Spinner

The Oregon Chainsaw Chain Rivet Spinner is a must-have tool for repairing chains and creating loops from reels. It offers the durability and performance you expect from Oregon. Its consistent rivet spins help minimize the risk of chain breakage. The tool features an ergonomic handle design for added comfort during use. It also includes anvils and take-up handles that allow you to spin all chain rivets up to .404″. Get the job done right with this reliable and user-friendly rivet spinner.

Price$102.36 (Amazon)

Alaskan Chainsaw mill

An Alaskan Chainsaw Mill is a portable tool that enables you to convert logs into lumber using a chainsaw. The mill consists of a secure frame or guide that attaches to the chainsaw and a rail system that supports the log during cutting. By positioning the chainsaw along the rail and guiding it carefully, precise cuts can be made through the log, resulting in high-quality lumber. This setup allows individuals to create custom-sized boards, beams, or planks from raw logs, offering a cost-effective and convenient solution for woodworking projects and timber processing, particularly in remote areas. Use a chainsaw with a minimum engine capacity of 70cc for optimal performance.

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

Experience efficient and versatile lumber cutting with the Carmyra Portable Alaskan Sawmill, which accommodates chainsaw bars ranging from 14 inches to 36 inches in length. Crafted from durable aluminum and steel, this mill ensures durability and longevity, backed by a 30-day money-back warranty. Installing the mill is a breeze, and weighing just 7.5 kilograms, it attaches directly to your chainsaw bar effortlessly. Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting the height and width, allowing you to create lumber planks that meet your specifications.

Price$79.98 (Amazon)

Zozen Portable Chainsaw Mill

Zozen Portable Chainsaw Mill

The Zozen Alaskan Chainsaw Mill is a robust and reliable tool for transforming logs into lumber. Crafted with high-quality aluminum alloy and steel materials, it ensures durability and longevity. The mill features an internationally profiled and straight-line connector splicing method, providing secure and precise connections. Its versatility allows it to accommodate chain saw bars ranging from 14 inches to 36 inches in size. The maximum slabbing thickness ranges from 1/2 inch to 12 inches, allowing for a wide range of cutting options. Despite its sturdy construction, the mill remains lightweight, weighing just 19 pounds (8.5kg), making it portable and easy to transport.

Price$89.98 (Amazon)

Granberg Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill

Granberg Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill

Made in the USA, the Granberg Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill is a versatile, heavy-duty lumber mill that effortlessly cuts planks and beams up to 32 inches wide and 1/2 inch to 13 inches deep. It securely clamps onto your chainsaw bar without drilling, and its lightweight and portable design allows you to mill lumber right where the tree falls. With new CNC-Machined billet end brackets, this mill ensures accuracy, easy adjustment, minimal vibration, and exceptional durability. Whether you’re a homeowner, woodworker, arborist, or sawyer, this mill delivers optimal results when used with a ripping chain. It features high-quality aircraft aluminum and steel construction for reliable performance.

Price$250.00 (Amazon)

Fuel And Mixing Container

To ensure your chainsaw operates smoothly and avoids any potential damage, it’s crucial to have a gas can and a fuel and oil mixing bottle. These tools allow you to maintain the right fuel mixture, conveniently refuel your chainsaw, and prevent issues caused by stale or improper fuel. By using fresh fuel with the correct oil-to-fuel ratio and stabilizer, you can protect your chainsaw’s engine and keep it running at its best. Remember to use high-quality gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 89 and purchase an amount that you can use up within two months for optimal performance.

Spertek Fuel & Oil Mixing Bottle

Spertek Fuel & Oil Mixing Bottle- An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Maintenance

The Spertek Fuel & Oil Mixing Bottle is a vital tool for chainsaw users as it simplifies the process of mixing fuel and oil in the correct ratio, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the chainsaw’s engine. With clear markings and an easy-to-use design, this bottle takes the guesswork out of fuel mixing, allowing you to maintain the right fuel consistency for your chainsaw’s operation.

Price$21.90 (Amazon)

No-Spill 1-1/4-Gallon Poly Gas Can

No-Spill 1415 1-1/4-Gallon Poly Gas Can- An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Maintenance

The No-Spill 1-1/4-Gallon Poly Gas Can is an essential tool for chainsaw users as it provides a safe and convenient way to store and transport fuel, ensuring that you always have a sufficient supply to keep your chainsaw running smoothly and efficiently without any spills or wastage.

Price$24.15 (Amazon)

Husqvarna Petrol and Oil Combination Combi Can

Husqvarna Petrol and Oil Combination Combi Can

Promote environmental responsibility and enhance chainsaw performance with the spill-preventing Husqvarna Petrol and Oil Combination Combi Can. With a capacity of 5 liters of fuel and 2.5 liters of chain oil, it features a standard nozzle with an auto-stop mechanism for easy and efficient refueling. Choose alkylate petrol for reduced emissions or mix regular petrol with high-quality 2-stroke oil. The can also include a file holder and a small case for convenient storage of tank caps, providing a practical all-in-one solution for carrying tools, gas, and bar oil.

Price$45.00 (Amazon)

Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

Bar and chain oil is a specialized lubricant for chainsaws that reduces friction, prevents overheating, and extends the lifespan of the cutting chain and bar, ensuring optimal cutting performance and offering different viscosity options for various weather conditions, earning Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Oregon Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

Oregon Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil- An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Maintenance

The Oregon 54-026 Bar & Chain Oil 2-Pack is an essential and reliable choice for chainsaws, as it is specifically formulated to provide excellent lubrication to the bar and chain. This oil ensures smooth operation, reduces friction, and prevents premature wear and tear of the cutting components. With this 2-pack, you’ll have an ample supply of high-quality bar and chain oil to keep your chainsaw performing at its best, allowing you to tackle any cutting task confidently.

Price$19.99 (Amazon)

Husqvarna Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

Husqvarna Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil- An Essential Chainsaw Accessories for Maintenance

Husqvarna X-Guard Premium Bar and Chain Oil keeps your chainsaw’s cutting equipment safe and in top condition. It extends the life of the bar, chain, and sprocket, works well in any season, reduces friction and wear, and its high tack formula prevents oil sling. Compatible with all chainsaws.

Price (Amazon)

2-Stroke Oil

2 Stroke Oil is essential for chainsaw use as it lubricates the engine, reduces friction, and ensures optimal performance, longevity, and reliability of the chainsaw, earning Chainsaw 2 Stroke Oil a spot on our 33 Best Chainsaw Accessories list.

Husqvarna XP+ 2 Stroke Oil 2.6 oz. Bottle 6-Pack

Introducing the enhanced Husqvarna XP+ 2 Stroke Oil 2.6 oz. Bottle 6-Pack offers improved performance and protection for your chainsaw with its cleaner, longer-lasting, and stronger formula. This high-quality oil is formulated with the Husqvarna verified engine formula and clean engine formula, guaranteeing optimal cleanliness and efficiency. With its JASO FD certification (ISO-EGD, API TC), you can rely on this oil to meet the highest quality and performance standards for your chainsaw.

Husqvarna XP+ 2 Stroke Oil 2.6 oz. Bottle 6-Pack- Essential Chainsaw Accessories
Price$14.43 (Amazon)

STIHL High Performance 2 Cycle Engine Oil 6 Pack

STIHL High Performance 2 Cycle Engine Oil 6 Pack- Essential Chainsaw Accessories

The STIHL 2.6-ounce high-performance 2-cycle engine oil is a top-notch oil designed for all STIHL products, specifically ideal for professional chain saws, ensuring excellent performance and durability.

Price$31.90 (Amazon)


Having the right accessories for your chainsaw can make a world of difference in terms of safety, efficiency, and performance. In this article, we have discussed 22 essential chainsaw accessories that should be a part of every chainsaw user’s arsenal. From safety gear such as chaps, helmets, and gloves to maintenance tools like sharpeners, each accessory plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth and productive cutting experience. By investing in these must-have accessories, you can not only improve your own safety but also prolong the lifespan of your chainsaw and achieve better cutting results. So, equip yourself with these essential chainsaw accessories and take your woodcutting skills to new heights.


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