FELCO 6 Pruner

The FELCO 6 Pruner is the perfect tool to remove shallow-rooted trees and stumps with power and ease for gardeners and landscapers.

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FELCO 6 pruners are an excellent tool for pruning vines, flowers, roses, and young trees and make it easy to keep shrubs and flower beds looking their best. Due to their sharpness, durability, lifetime warranty, and assortment of models, Swiss-made FELCO pruners are among the best in the world. FELCO makes one of those increasingly rare items crafted to last a lifetime, making them the preferred shear of many gardeners, landscapers, florists, and horticulturists. 

The FELCO 6 pruner is light and compact, allowing you to get close to a branch’s base, especially in tight spaces. Its super sharp blade slices through plant stems like a hot knife through butter. Furthermore, they can cut branches up to 3/4-inch with ridiculous ease. At the same time, the cushioned ergonomic handle softens the cutting impact, making it ideal for people with small to medium hands or with arthritis or a lack of strength. As someone with arthritis in their wrist, they cause me no pain making gardening enjoyable again.

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With Proper Care, The FELCO 6 Pruner Will Last a Lifetime

The FELCO 6 Pruner features forged aluminum handles and hardened steel blades that will last a lifetime if you care for them. However, they will dull and rust if you don’t keep them sharp and lightly oiled. Never use WD40 as it displaces water and doesn’t adequately oil. 

Instead, use regular machine oil or olive oil. Clean with Lysol wipes after each use. If you start seeing rust, remove it with a Brillo pad. Be aware that the blades will naturally turn darker over time and will not affect use.

Sharpening the FELCO 6 Pruner is easy and requires no disassembly. I recommend using the Corona Clipper AC 8300 Sharpening Tool or a diamond sharpener. Replacement blades and moving parts, like the spring and the catch, are readily available if needed. 

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FELCO F6 Bypass Pruners are an excellent choice for avid to professional landscapers looking for a lifetime of enjoyment through thoughtful planning and care. To keep the shears readily within reach anytime you venture into the garden, I suggest investing in a FELCO leather holster. In brief, if you love spending time gardening, the FELCO F6 Pruner is the best gift you can give yourself. It will last decades and is worth every penny.

Length7.68 inches
Weight210 grams
Price$54.65 (Amazon)

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  1. […] FELCO 6 Pruner Review – Is it the Best Tool for Your Garden? […]

  2. […] FELCO 6 Pruner Review – Is it the Best Tool for Your Garden? […]

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